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Behind the Design: Layla Vase

Behind the Design: Layla Vase

Paige Schnarr |

Sold separately or as a set of three, Layla vases can be stacked with one another to create a beautiful arrangement or be used to display on their own. With three different sizes and colors, use Layla to showcase your stems, candles and more. Each vase features a soft touch of color, while the tallest clear stem vase has a ribbed texture detail.


Written by designer Sung wook Park.
Read more about Layla here

What was the inspiration behind your design? (ie. time, place, material, other item etc.)

We received a brief to come up with designs for a new vase. Before we tackled this brief, we knew this would be a challenge, since it is a saturated market. We wanted to come up with something special and different, while still remaining modern. We looked at many different directions as we saw a trend of stem vases, used to showcase and organize a variety of stems. 

We did not end up going this route, so we looked at layered vases. Multi-functionality was something we keep in mind, as a layered approach would accommodate both stems as well as larger bouquets.

For other inspiration, lights were a big part of it. Layered lighting has a unique visual element that we wanted to incorporate into the design of the vase. We played around with overlapping vases, different textures and colored glass, as new colors get created and mixed together. 

Sometimes the initial design can be simple but we can have fun and add value through elements such as color or texture. 



Were there any challenges along the way?

We looked at so many different color variations. We had to choose the most appealing color, that would still appeal to a large market. Also, finding the right thickness of the glass - it can't be too thin or fragile or too thick and heavy. We want value without too much overkill.



What is your favourite part about the product? 

I like how simple it is but also there is so much visual interest with the color overlay when the vases are layered. It makes it different while adding a subtle pop of color.


What makes this product different/unique/better compared to everything else on the market?

It's so versatile, as you can choose to use all three vases together one day and then separate them and use them in different parts of the home, another time. You can also use these vases for other types of storage, plants, candles and more.