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How to Create Peaceful & Productive Work Environments

How to Create Peaceful & Productive Work Environments

Paige Schnarr |

This week, we paired up with Kira Vanderlan, founder and Chief Designer for Zestful Design. Kira wrote this article in collaboration, to help provide tips for creating a peaceful and productive work environments at home.

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Now more than ever a peaceful and productive work environment is needed as we navigate these unprecedented times.  As challenging as the “new normal” has become, working from home does have its perks.  Your commute may now have turned into a 10 second walk to your home office. Pajama pants and slippers have replaced heels and skirts. And you get to spend ample time with your furry friends. 

Productivity is key when working from home so to amplify your routine try adding a Bulletboard Memo Board atop your desk.  Sure, we have our work schedules and such on the computer, but memo boards can be a space to remind yourself what tasks need to be completed or goals you want to achieve. Try adding some of your favorite motivational quotes. List out your top five goals for the week. Or add photographs of people that inspire you. 


Umbra Bulletboard




Comfort is key when working at your desk for hours on end.  Investing in a comfortable chair makes a difference! With the right chair you are likely to take less breaks, focus on your tasks, reduce physical pain and even breathe better.  The Oh Chair is ideal for the home office as it not only looks stylish, but is known for its comfort!





Being able to readily find frequently utilized office supplies and tech gadgets makes for a constructive day. Start by taking some time to clear out clutter in your desk drawers or on top of your desk. Keep only the supplies that are needed on a frequent basis and consider donating items you do not use.  Then create a go to spot for charging cords, iPads, notepads and pens. If you do not have drawers in your desk, try the Hammock Accessory Organizer.


Umbra Hammock Organizer



A peaceful work environment makes for a more productive day! Thankfully being at home gives us an opportunity to be that much more relaxed. At least once a day, step away from your desk and sink into a comfy chair to give your eyes a break from the screen.  Use the Hub Ladder to hang warm blankets next to your cozy chair. Be sure to have a table next to your chair that is multifunctional.  The Bellwood Storage Table is ideal because you have room for your books and beverage! So grab a cup of tea, a good book and snuggle up in a blanket for a relaxing midday break. 





Another way to create a tranquil space is to bring the outdoors in. Plants are known to create feelings of calm and reduce anxiety levels. So add greenery and vitality to your office by placing beautiful planters throughout the space.  Hang Trigg Planters above your computer or place Potsy Planters on a bookshelf.  Succulents are leading the way in design trend and they are easy to care for!


Umbra Trigg Planters


Umbra Potsy Planters





Essential oils are a wonderful way to bring about calm in your workspace. Lavender, patchouli, bergamot and ylang ylang are delightful scents to diffuse throughout your day. Essential oils are known to reduce stress, promote relaxation and improve concentration.  The Poise Two-Tiered Tray is a chic way to display your oils.


Umbra Poise Tray


The additional of small but impactful design elements will make a big difference in your workday.  From comfy chairs to plants, it is the little things that can make a big difference in productivity and tranquility throughout your day. 


Kira Vanderlan is the founder and Chief Designer for Zestful Design.

Zestful Design is a home organization and interior design company based in Minnesota.  www.zestfuldesign.com