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Three Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing A Mirror

Three Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing A Mirror

Paige Schnarr |

Mirrors are one of the key final touches to a room and for good reason - a mirror placed in the right spot, enhances the natural light that shines through the room and can make your space, even if it's a small one, feel brighter and bigger.

When shopping for a mirror, there are quite a few things to consider - shape, size, color, placement etc. Here are some of our best tips on enhancing and opening up your small space using mirrors.



One of the first decisions you'll need to make is how large you'd like your mirror to be. Take a look around the room and see what might best fit your space - depending on the size of the wall you're planning to place it on. If it's a bathroom, you might only have a specific width to work with. Measure your wall so you know how much space you're working with, and then decide how much of a statement you're hoping to make. If you're looking for a mirror for a larger space, such as a dining room, living room or bedroom, you may want to make a larger statement and can opt for a mirror from 24-37 inches. If you're using the mirror on a small wall as an accent piece you could opt for an 18" mirror or even a small trio of mirrors like our Dima Diamond Mirrors.


If you have a large blank wall, many people opt for a full length mirror. One of our favourite options is our Hubba Arched Leaning Mirror. Its soft arched shape brings a unique touch, and it can be mounted or leaned up against your wall to add dimension and light to the room.


Photo by: @jennabrubshome


Photo by: @the_broadmoor_house


Shape can be personal preference. Do you prefer something more softer like an oval, pill-shaped or circle? Or something more modern like a rectangle? This might be dependant on your space - whether you want something a little longer or something more wide - have fun with it and don't be afraid to try something different.

Our Misto Mirror follows a pill-shaped design, similar to an oval but slightly longer. It also adds an unexpected punch with a gradient rose-tone finish on the bottom half.

Photo by: sunnycirclestudio


Pebble Mirror is an organic-shaped mirror with a thin metallic frame. Its playful shape adds a soft touch to your space while incorporating unexpected curves.



The bigger the mirror, the brighter and larger your space will feel. 

To increase the amount of natural light that casts around the room, simply place a mirror opposite or beside a window; it will use daylight to brighten the whole space. It also gives the illusion of having another window, which instantly makes it feel more spacious.

A mirror that can work both ways, Alcove Mirror with Shelves can be placed horizontally or vertically on your wall. Umbra ambassador Tara, utilized the mirror in her entryway space, placing it across from her front door. You can see how much light is reflecting in that area.

Photo by: @taramicheledesigns 

Krystal used our Perch Mirror to show off her a couple of her favourite plants, adding a functional impact to the room.

Photo by: @thesmittencollective

Whether your main goal is to add some light, or make your space feel bigger, mirrors are a fun way to make a design difference. Explore all of our mirror collection here.