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Monthly Design Activity: Unconventional Planters

Monthly Design Activity: Unconventional Planters

Rachel Steer |

Creativity and inspiration lives within every Umbra employee. This month's Design Activity combines these two by challenging members of our Design and Marketing teams to choose an Umbra product and create a floral or plant arrangement with it. The twist is... The product's original function cannot be a planter. Check out the incredible results below.



Umbra Cascada Cosmetic Organizer
By Cruz Ali & Rouzbeh Sharbaf

 "We chose to use Cascada Cosmetic Organizer mainly for due to its form. We liked the way each layer flowed into the next and our intention was to replicate that with our plant arrangement. With that in mind, we decided to go with a busy, full arrangement where the plants could flow between each layer, blurring them into one harmonious form rather than three distinct layers."




Umbra Cubiko Shower Caddy
By Jenny Suh & Rachel Steer

 "A trend we're seeing quite often on Instagram and Pinterest is showers being used as a make-shift greenhouse. Plants such as Boston Ferns, Eucalyptus and Tropical Pitcher Plant can live inside your shower - We took inspiration from this trend and used Cubiko Shower Caddy as our unconventional planter. Can be hung directly from a shower head, the shower wall or on the wall of the bathroom itself."




 By Erica Stevens & Carri Han

 "My partner and I decided to use our Joey Soap Dispensers as planters. We thought it would be a novel idea because the pump could be used as an unconventional and easy watering method if we put water in the vessel. When the plant needs water, simply give the plant a few pumps!"




Umbra Hub Wall Mirror
By Brianna McGregor & Jane Wang

"For the month of March, we decided to turn the Hub Mirror into a mossy art piece. We arranged mosses with different textures and colours in a crescent shape around the frame of the mirror. We think this is the perfect piece to liven up your space in an unconventional way for spring!"



Umbra Tesora Jewelry Stand
By Aine O'Neill & Taylor Nihls

"For this month’s design activity, we decided to take advantage of the vertical property of the Tesora Jewelry Stand and create a very elegant propagation station for vine and plant clippings. The three posts, with the addition of some floral clips, prop up the plants perfectly in the sunlight, while the clear, textured base looks stunning filled with water and roots! Most people propagate their plants in recycled jars and cups, but the Tesora Jewelry Stand elevates your window sill while keeping all your clippings in one spot."