Together with many of our customers, we recognize the biggest threat and challenge to our world is the changing environment. As a global consumer products company, we are committed to making continuous efforts to improve - such as reducing and replacing packaging, adding sustainable materials and replacing noxious finishes.


For us, sustainability begins with our products. In contrast to a world where fast-fashion is common, we stand committed to creating products that last. Original, modern and functional, our products are made by processes and materials that are durable and can stand the test of time.

By ensuring our designs meet our standards of quality, we ensure our customers can continue to use and enjoy our products long-term. Nothing makes us happier than visiting homes where customers have enjoyed our designs for years, if not decades. High-quality, well-made products are not destined for a landfill, which is why we will not waver in our commitment to quality.

Les Mandelbaum, President of Umbra with Slip Shoehorn — a product inspired by his father


In order to continue our efforts in protecting the environment and minimizing our impact, we are on a mission to reduce the amount of waste that is created by our packaging.

One of the most effective ways we can contribute through design is using sustainable materials in our products and eliminating harmful and excessive packaging. While it remains important to us that our products are protected during transit, we are currently revising our packaging strategies and exploring ways to incorporate more recyclable materials in order to reduce the amount of overall waste.

This means eliminating and replacing Styrofoam and EPE foam with paper cardboard inserts and bubble and polybags with tissue paper, while still ensuring the product is well protected and passes required transit and drop tests.

Henry Huang, Director of Product Development, works on Umbra’s sustainable packaging initiative


We recognize that there is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to implementing sustainable business practices. Our long-term success depends on the well-being of this earth and we will not stop in our efforts to make it a better place for all of us, including our customers, to live in. We thank you for your continued support and will to join us on this mission.

Les Mandelbaum
President of Umbra